Sample Buffets

Sample Buffets

Although our chefs can work with you in creating a perfect menu for your Cafe Ysabel event, here are our packaged buffets fit for every occasion.

Note: Our in-house buffets have a 40-person minimum. All prices include 12% Sales Tax. Please call or email us for Catering concerns (prices for catered events are different from the in-house prices below) Only available for advanced ordering!

For more information, contact Cafe Ysabel at 726-9326 / 725-5089

or email:

Choice A
Assorted Cold Cuts & Homemade Cocktail Sausage
Caesar’s Salad
Paella Valenciana
Lapu-lapu Meuniere
Iberian Chicken
Fettucine Romana Puttanesca
Crepes Samurai
Creme Brulee
P 1038.00 / Person
Tax Included + 10% service charge

Choice B
Nachos with Tomato Salsa and Guacamole
Garlic Mushrooms
Caesar’s Salad
Lapu-lapu Spanish Style
Chicken Adolfo
Lengua Sulipeña
Pasta Ysabel
American Chocolate Truffle
Mango Royale
P 1,178.00 / Person
Tax Included + 10% service charge

Choice C
Assorted Sushi and Sashimi
Caesar’s Salad Station
Lapu-lapu in Capers Sauce
Chicken Fiorentine
Spaghetti Romana Puttanesca
Vegetable Casserole

Roast Ribeye
with Wild Mushroom Sauce
Crepes Samurai
Chocolate Paradise
P 1,618.00 / Person
Tax Included + 10% service charge

Minimum of 40 persons