Chef Gene Gonzalez

chefgeneAt age 23, he opened, as chef-owner, Cafe Ysabel in San Juan. He is a Chef instructor to the Professional and Recreational courses. Aside from a series of apprenticeships in France and Italy, he has completed various specialized courses in food arts, Culinary Institute of America, California Culinary Academy and the Callebaut Chocolate College. He has undertaken research and development projects with major food manufacturers and flavor laboratories. He is a co-founder of the Alta Cocina Filipina, the movement for contemporary Filipino cuisine. An avid writer, he is editor to a weekly food page for one of Manila’s major newspapers and authored cookbooks including “Cocina Sulipena” a book on 19th century recipes from Pampanga. He is the only Ten Outstanding Young Men awardee in Culinary Arts and at present, author to a book series on Philippine cuisine. He was also board member of the College of Saint Benilde and at present, conseiller culinaire of the National board of the Chaine des Rotisseurs and also member of the London based International Wine and Food Society.


Cocina Sulipeña. Culinary Gems from Old Pampanga.
Little Pinoy Cookbook Series.
The Little Adobo Book
The Little Dessert Book
The Little Ensalada Book
The Little Gulay Book
The Little Inihaw Book
The Little Kakanin Book
The Little Merienda Book
The Little Pancit Book
The Little Philippine Bar Book
The Little Pulutan Book
The Little Sabaw Book
The Little Ulam Book
The Little Lumpia Book
The Little Coconut Book
The Little Rice Book
The Little Egg Book
The Little Philippine Bar Book 2
Fundamentals of Cooking and Baking. Co-authored with Jill Sandique.
Going East. A Merging of Asian Culinary Styles